Hedge Hegre-Art

Hedge is a natural strawberry blond. These photos are aptly titled "At Home" since that’s where it was shot. It goes to prove that with a beautiful woman the location doesn’t really matter. These photos were taken by Petter Hegre for Hegre-Art.

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Carmen Caramel Hegre-Art

Carmen is a raven haired beauty. I’ve never liked that name but with a body like her’s I could get past that. This photo set is titled Caramel by Hegre-Art.

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Katya Hot Summer

Katya has the cutest tan lines. Here perky boobs really pop-out against her tan body. Her thong left cream colored skin points the way to fun. Petter Hegre titled this one Hot Summer. I can tell he’s not just talkinga bout the weather. These photos were taken from Hegre-Art.

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Marketa Hegre-Art

Next to Luba I think Marketa is one of the prettiest nude models on Hegre-Art. She has those natural good looks and flawless body that just needs to be caught on camera.

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Lana Hegre-Art

Lana is a beautify teen beauty posing nude in this photo set from Hegre-Art. This is aptly titled Window Light as he used natural light to capture this natural beauty.

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Linn Hotel Hegre-Art

This haunting beauty is named Linn. I particularly like this set. Not only is Linn a beautiful nude model but Petter Hegre was able to capture her in a way that expresses a shy playfulness that adds to set. These photos are from Hegre-Art

Linn Hegre-ArtLinn HegreArtLinn erotic nudes
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